GIKA 2020. Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

10th GIKA. Leading to Advance Knowledge: Business and Finance for a Sustainable Economic Future
July 7-9, 2020

The University of Warsaw

University of Finance and Management in Warsaw was founded in 2001 as a non-public university. As described on the website of polish education, the university guarantees a high level of education through the use of modern scientific and proven teaching methods and the use of the best international educational practices. The objective of the University is to create skilled professionals, active and enterprising people able to consciously build their professional career. It educates students in the rage of social (psychology, IT, political sciences, law and administration) and economic sciences (management, finance and accounting).

The university is situated in a quiet environment with its own courtyard, car park outside and very easy access to public transport.

In the building there are conducted classes for full-time students from all faculties of the University and didactic classes for the majority of extramural students (I and II degree, a single master, doctoral and post-graduate). The WSFiZ Main Auditorium can hold over 500 people. It is equipped with modern multimedia and high-quality sound system.

Dr. Marcin Staniewski

Dr. Marcin Staniewski

The City of Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. This amazing city is full of contrasts and surprises. It is a source of amusement caused by its uniqueness and unprecedented blending of ancient and present times.

Warsaw is a city with the enchanted soul in locations that don’t exist anymore, and the ambiance produced by fantastic combination of modern urban development and historical architecture. Palaces, churches and architectural clusters are interwoven with the wide open space of squares, parks and city gardens. Substantial portion of undeveloped land, with the essential need for investment, awaits the investors. These areas will play a major role in defining the character and ambience of the city in the upcoming years. Warsaw is a city full of opportunities and possibilities. It combines academic, business, artistic and cultural circles. For students Warsaw is a place where they can make new friends and professional contacts. As explained on the official website of Waswaw.