GIKA 2018. Växjo

GIKA 2018. Växjo

Linnaeus University

The 2018 GIKA conference has been awarded to the Linnaeus University, in southern Sweden which is home of the international furniture company IKEA. Linnaeus University is located in Kalmar and Växjö and has approximately 31,000 students in 150 degree programmes and 2,500 single-subject courses (see: ). Linnaeus University conducts advanced research that produces impact nationally and internationally. Its research and education includes humanities, social sciences, economics and business studies, natural sciences and engineering, and life sciences.

The university holds its name after the 18th century Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. Bold and curious, he developed the modern system for naming organisms and made numerous discoveries. Linnaeus University is inspired by the spirit of Carl Linnaeus which is articulated in its mission to foster curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility.

You can find more information about Linnaeus University here.

About Växjo

Växjö ([vɛkːɧøː]) is a city and the seat of Växjö Municipality, Kronoberg County, Sweden. It had 63,479 inhabitants as of 2013 out of a municipal population of 85,000. It is the administrative, cultural and industrial center of Kronoberg County, and the episcopal see of the Diocese of Växjö. The town is home to Linnaeus University. The city’s name is believed to be constructed from the words “väg” (road) and “sjö” (lake), meaning the road over the frozen Växjö Lake that farmers took in the winter to get to the marketplace that later became the city. In 1996 the city adopted a policy of eliminating the use of fossil fuels by 2030. This decision was taken in reaction to pollution and eutrophication in the lakes that surround the town. Greenhouse gas emissions were cut by 41% from 1993 to 2011, and have been reduced by 55% by 2015. The city economy has grown during this time (see: For a city guide, pls see:
Växjö is located an region called Småland (“the little land”) which is known in Sweden for a strong entrepreneurial tradition, with many family businesses and innovations. Less than one hour drive from Växjö is the home of the international furniture maker IKEA, with its Headquarters and a newly opened museum. Växjö may be regarded as a blend of small city living with vibrant business community all combined and well developed cultural and recreational life style.

To know local attractions and amenities as the glass factory or the IKEA museum, you can go to the tourist website.